As a leading German manufacturer and developer of innovative and high quality GSM/UMTS applications and solutions coM.sat GmbH Kommunikationssysteme sees itself as a service oriented solution provider for operational communication optimization.

coM.sat products allow the implementation of a wide range of application scenarios for corporations of all sizes, from BACKUP to MOBILITY (FMC, WLL) up to CARRIER CLASS SOLUTIONS. A couple of very smart , useful and high quality software add-ons and services complete the current product portfolio.

coM.sat GmbH is the only company in Germany that has specialized exclusively in the development and manufacturing of GSM/UMTS-routers, -modems and —applications that interface with all-  kinds of technology, be it IP, PRI, ISDN or ANALOGUE. coM.sat meets every requirement the global telecommunication market makes.

With representations in more than 20 countries and referenced projects around the world the owner-managed coM.sat is a very flexible and fast-moving corporation that acts on the international market.-  Focusing on management by processes, following very strict QM-guidelines and keeping up a very tight internal organization the company has been capable of guaranteeing the fulfillment of all customer requirements without restrictions. Quick and efficient support is provided by a team of highly motivated and thoroughly skilled ITK-professionals.

The very highly reputed seal of quality “Made in Germany” is not just a superficial slogan, as the production site for our products is Germany and all our sub-contractors have to be certified by ISO Standards-  9001:2000 and 14000.

Ever since its foundation in 1994 coM.sat has always emphasized research and development as its core area of investment. New trends in the telecommunication area are immediately identified and analyzed, to be quickly further developed into innovative market-ready products.

Long-lasting experience, well-grounded know-how and close cooperation with well reputed PBX-manufacturers and leading ITK corporations compose the base for our company’s innovative orientation.