Modular GSM gateway for up to 64 GSM channels and IP-option

The Multichannel PRA is based on successful and proven GSM technology by coM.sat and is a modular and flexible carrier class solution that can be implemented in small, medium and large enterprises as well as in call centers, in branch office networks or as infrastructure of public authorities. – Housed in a 19” case the Multichannel PRA provides 2 PRI accesses and can be flexibly upgraded in modules of 4 up to a total of 64 GSM channels. By using antenna combiners a total of 32 GSM channels can be covered with one Dual Band Antenna. This saves installation space and time. Antennas and cables can be delivered customized according to the project’s individual requirements.

The Multichannel PRA is connected point to point over the S2M port of a ISDN PBX. Besides the options of operating the gateway as trunk line (NT) or extension (TE), it can also be integrated as a bridge between the PBX and the fixed network and operate as a router, where a flexible LCR scheme meets individual project requirements.

The remote access for configuration, maintenance, monitoring or reporting is processed via GSM or Ethernet. All connection data and call logs can be accessed online, saved and automatically exported into any database format. A software application processes the data into individual graphical diagrams.

The coM.sat Multichannel PRA can also operate as a SMS Server for SMS transmission straight from the Email-Client.

At midyear 2011 the coM.sat Multichannel PRA will be available with an optional VoIP functionality for up to 60 VoIP channels. Already implemented equipment can also be upgraded with additional up to 60 VoIP channels with the new IP Access Card.

The coM.sat Multichannel PRA can be upgraded with- coM.sat Virtual PBX– or- coM.sat SMS Server– (optional).