Softwarelösungen für mehr Mobilität und Komfort

There is no doubt that in the context of FMC DECT telephones are a useful and necessary complement to the conventional desk phone extensions of a PBX.-  In order to make real efficient use of DECT- or WIFI IP telephones though an extensive coverage with base stations needs to be provided, which is cost and maintenance intensive.

This is where the coM.sat virtual PBX provides added value and enables independence, as with the coM.sat virtual-  PBX the already existing mobile phones of a company or its staff can easily be integrated into the general corporate communication infrastructure.-  With very little effort FMC can – be implemented in your corporate communication and the field staff will be reachable through one-numbering, DECT-telephones and base stations will not be necessary anymore.

The coM.sat Virtual PBX is characterized by its very user-friendly handling. Very easily every extension of the PBX can be allocated to a mobile number, while the existence of a desk phone to this extension is of no importance.

When a call reaches the extension, not only the desk phone rings, but also the allocated mobile will ring and the call receiver decides on which device he’ll take the call. If a call was taken on the mobile phone but needs to be transferred back to an internal extension this can simply be done, as the functionalities of the PBX can be managed through the VPBX application via DTMF.

Checking different voice mail systems is not necessary, as one common mailbox can be used for all devices connected to one PBX extension.

The coM.sat Virtual PBX is compatible with all kinds of PBX and also with all brands of mobile phones or operation systems.

The time windows in which a staff member should or wants to be available outside the office can be managed individually, in order to guarantee that working and private hours can be processed separately, even if a common resource — the mobile phone — is shared.