Two channel ISDN-IP-UMTS gateway for voice and data

The coM.sat IP Basic is not only an ISDN/UMTS gateway, but beyond that a software based system platform that enables existing conventional communication infrastructures to operate also via VoIP.

2 UMTS channels provide simultaneous connection of voice and internet and through its S0 port the coM.sat IP Basic creates the interface between a conventional ISDN PBX and the advantages of state of the art IP technology without interfering in the existing infrastructure.

Thanks to a wide range of routing options — IP/UMTS, ISDN/UMTS and ISDN/IP — the coM.sat IP Basic can be integrated into almost every application scenario as a FMC-, backup- and/or LCR router. Moreover it can also operate as a media gateway and the coM.sat IP Basic V2 in addition supports SIP Proxy and can therefore operate as an IP-PBX with up to 6 extensions.

Management and administration of the coM.sat IP Basic are available through a web-based interface supported by any type of browser. This allows the user to individually manage and configure all parameters of the coM.sat IP Basic and retrieve statistical data. All connection logs and data can be accessed online as well as saved and exported into common file formats.